Granny Greta- Upcycled Silk Pants

128  (incl. tax)

Pants consume 2mts of vintage silk. By recycling, we save 6000 silk worms from being killed and 60 Mulberry trees from being exploited.

  • Sustainable Resources – We use discarded materials, we don´t use any water in our processes, and we keep our production waste to be used for other products

  • Fair Trade – We take care of our network and we want to ensure that they get living wages.

  • Quality Guaranteed – We have a wide curated selection of the best Indian vintage silks.

Weight 215 g




Looking for something special?

Unique & beautiful
tailor-made design

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  • Personalized advice

  • Low impact on our planet

  • Unique design with vintage materials

Nazarena will guide you through the process!