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Goddess robe

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This Rubi robe is made of original vintage Indian silk. It is meant to be used by anyone who likes it (it is unisex). We designed it in Denmark and produced it in India. With this Robe, we hope you find protection, passion, love, and courage.

Robes consume 3,5mts of vintage silk. By recycling, we save 10500 silk worms from being killed and 105 Mulberry trees from being exploited.

  • Sustainable Resources – We use discarded materials, we don´t use any water in our processes, and we keep our production waste to be used for other products

  • Fair Trade – We take care of our network and we want to ensure that they get living wages.

  • Quality Guaranteed – We have a wide curated selection of the best Indian vintage silks.

Sustainability behind:

  • We want to encourage those who believe in and implement more sustainable practices in their lives.
  • When buying, you are helping us to calculate the exact demand for garments, to produce the exact amount needed. Avoiding, this way, excessive use of resources, and excessive waste due to over-production.
  • At Nazarena en Sepia, we want to create a more conscious fashion industry. We want our customers and friends to understand that things take a process, valuable time, and resources.
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  • Low impact on our planet

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