We design loungewear from vintage silk Indian Sarees. This is why each of our pieces is unique!
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Nazarena Pelleriti
Founder & Designer

Our sustainable journey in design

Our founder, Nazarena, is always in the constant search of giving meaning and color to the fashion world. In the building of the brand, we want to make sure to improve in every aspect in order to be more sustainable every day. Learn more about our journey:

  • We design from vintage discarded fabrics.

  • We keep our waste for future designs.

  • We design for a healthy nature.

  • We design for people and care for our people.

Meet one of our customers

“I wear mine at every opportunity. Not just because it’s silky, but because lounging around in a fancy Prussian robe is exactly how I pictured adulthood.”

– Jason Weight

Looking for something special?

Unique & beautiful
tailor-made design


Bespoke, craftsmanship, and uniqueness are what define a tailor-made design. If you have distinctive ideas and love a slow and personalized creative process, this is an experience for you!


  • Personalized advice

  • Low impact on our planet

  • Unique design with vintage materials

Contact us at our email and Nazarena will guide you through the process!

Sustainable clothes and practices

Nazarena en Sepia is a sustainable fashion brand. We design high-quality loungewear from original vintage silk Indian Sarees. Each of our products is unique and hand-made. We produce small badges or tailor-made ones in case you want a unique design. Our customer´s favorite products are colorful and silky kimonos. We also work B2B, offering the design of sustainable textile products and consulting on textile waste management. We are committed to improving the fashion industry in every sustainable aspect that is wihin our reach.

We believe in nature and energy. We want a world full of a healthy nature, happiness, and people who take care of themselves and others. This is why we design and approach every project in an open-minded way to find solutions for a more sustainable fashion future.

Sustainable design and comfortable design are our goals. We start our designing process from vintage materials. For every meter of vintage silk we use, we save 3000 silk worms from being killed and 30 trees from being exploited. We use cero water in the production of our products. We keep our production waste to produce smaller designs or use it as wadding. We design for comfort, meaning that all the materials we use have smooth and silky surfaces, and our designs are roomie enough to make you feel hugged.

We hope you find products that are companions in your everyday rituals. Life is an everyday journey and our products are meant to be there within the moments you find peace, joy, and passion.